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March 22, 2012

Remember This: Bacopa may Improve Your Cognitive Functions

Bacopa-monnieriNative to marshy areas of India and now found throughout the tropic and subtropical areas of the world grows the 4-inch-tall, 2-foot-wide bacopa plant. The plant's long stems are covered in tiny, pristine five-petal flowers. This beautiful, easy-to-grow plant has recently become popular among gardeners.


But what is found within the bacopa may be even more pleasing.


If you find yourself easily forgetting names, dates, places or facts, bacopa may be a remedy to consider.


Bacopa extract, one of the five main ingredients of Protandim, has been long hailed for its ability to enhance cognitive abilities. Bacopa has been important in Indian medicine for centuries, used chiefly to enhance clear thinking and memory function. Studies suggest it provides strong antioxidant defense against stress on the brain. It is also used to improve concentration, alertness and focus.


Other claims show that bacopa may aid in staving off depression and asthma.


Bacopa is also a free radical scavenger and protects against the free radical effect on DNA.


As with all Protandim ingredients, the antioxidant capabilities of bacopa are much weaker on their own than when combined with the other components to form Protandim.


March 21, 2012

Ashwagandha Provides a Boost

AshwagandhaKnowing Protandim contains an ingredient whose roots' smell is best described as that of a sweaty horse might not be overly appealing. But wait until you hear what this plant is purported to do.


Ashwagandha grows in the drier regions of India. Its name literally means "horse's smell." Though it cultivates in India, it has become a popular herb in the Western world. Ashwagandha has been admired for its dual capability of energizing and calming simultaneously. 


Ashwagandha has been used as a way to support a healthy immune system, calm mental processes, foster healthy sleep patterns, sustain levels of energy, strength and physical activity, and strengthen male and female reproductive systems.


With a rich source of antioxidants, ashwagandha is also used to treat stress and inflammation.


Because of its recent popularity, ashwagandha has become of particular interest to researchers. It has shown to support healthy cholesterol levels, among other things. Studies on ashwagandha can be found at


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